22 year old Multidisciplinary Creative, Digital Communicator, and Photographer, with an inquisitive mind and a passion for words. Currently Stockholm based, Berghs SoC Interactive Communication grad and Blogger at Radar Magazine.

24hr Hackathon in Berlin.
Collaboration between Vamos, Monterosa & the Interactive Communication class at Berghs School of Communication

Brief in short:
In June, the event finding service Vamos will be rolling out a new push notification function, through venue subscriptions hoping to create user leverage to establish a business model where they make money from the venues. Show how the notification and experience works, define how it will be profitable and show how to roll it out and create awareness. Focus on creating value for locals also, not just expats.

You have 24 hrs.

- The RSVP is dead
- Being local is about more than events
- It’s not about knowing ‘a place’, but about knowing ‘the right place’.
- We trust recommendations from the few with the lifestyles we aspire to and taste we consider impeccable much more than the unknown masses of i.e. Yelp.

Vamos Places.

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Our concept entails expanding Vamos to include not only events, which are fleeting and locked to a certain time and date, but to actual places and venues. Making the transition from expat to local is not limited to having a lot of happenings and events to chose from, but just as much about finding hidden gems when it comes to good coffee and thrift shops. However, these venues may never have any Facebook hosted events which would today be what gets them featured in Vamos.

We’ve laid the foundation for a community to recommend places and locations in a social manner. Users create and continually add to their own “guide books”, which can be subscribed to by other users. Rather than just subscribing to a single venue, you therefore subscribe to people whose opinion you trust, and by extension to every location/venue they’ve featured in their guide book. All these places end up in a curated location feed known as “The Guide Book”. Your own expressed preferences then serve as the foundation for all the communication you receive.

The business model in this scenario is charging the venues to, from each user’s personally curated guide, send out push notifications when users are in near proximity. Since all notifications originate from a personal recommendation, the push notifications includes the comment from the person who has featured the place in their guide book, and will therefore never be just a generic commercial message. Other functions include inviting friends to check out places with you, not only giving Vamos exposure in social media, but also brings new users into the app in order to respond to said invite. The service will be rolled out using ambassadors such as bloggers (but also politicians, musicians, athletes etc.) with a loyal fan base, one which has previously shown willingness to follow their influencer from i.e. their blog to Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and now – to Vamos.

Team: Karin Wåhlberg, Kristian Lindström, Christopher Johansson
Role: Strategy, Concept & Design