22 year old Multidisciplinary Creative, Digital Communicator, and Photographer, with an inquisitive mind and a passion for words. Currently Stockholm based, Berghs SoC Interactive Communication grad and Blogger at Radar Magazine.


Develop a new service concept for Taxi Stockholm to leverage cars that are not in use.


Digital Creatives: Karin Wåhlberg, Carl Platon
Digital Strategy: Martina Sällstedt
Graphic Design: Carl Markgren Marbe, Heidi Myllyviita, Jacob Östensson, Ermir Peci

Role: Concept Development

TAXI Missions

TAXI Missions is a service designed to help taxi drivers optimize their time in a fun and self-serving manner, benefiting themselves, their customers, and the taxi company as a whole at the same time. Taxi drivers can make money from what would otherwise have been empty mileage, benefiting the taxi company in the same way a regular customer would have, by choosing to fill their lost time with other types of drives and deliveries. Private persons can order a delivery as easily as they would order take-out. Their fee is dependent on how flexible they are timewise – does it need to be carried out in the next hour, sometime today, or maybe just sometime this week. They can always add a bonus – such as a coffee for the driver at pick-up, to try and increase their odds of being taken on even if they’ve paid less and have a flexible order.

The taxi drivers get suggestions based on their location, as well as potential continuing missions from point B should they opt to take it. All information on how much a mission pays, if it contains a bonus, what the time frame is like is shown. If a mission is nearing its’ deadline and remains unclaimed, TAXI Stockholm will add it to their standard drive delegation to make sure no mission expires and doesn’t get carried out.

The taxi drivers get their own user profiles, where they in real-time can see their salary increasing with every extra mission they take on. They can also, in the same manner, see how much empty mileage/lost time they’ve had. There are bonuses/prizes each month for the drivers who’ve had the least empty mileage, ergo, the ones who have optimized their time best and thus been most cost-efficient for the taxi company. At the end of each month, as the salary is paid out, their stats will be reset – but remains accessible in their ‘mission history’ tab.

The app version is thought to facilitate the initial implementation; however in the long run it would be more logical to use i.e. an iPad Mini or build the service into the car/GPS screen.