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iZettle was one of the ten 25K clients, and they returned to us a post-it note with Create A Movement written on it. They wanted to make use of the fact that they have a very loyal and satisfied client base; those who use iZettle are as a rule happy customers. We wanted to find a way to channel this existing enthusiasm for the product and service into engagement that in turn would bring a tangible peer-to-peer element into iZettle’s growth.

Our solution was to build a grass root movement where ‘the general public’ are activated and brought together in the cause of increasing their city’s card compatibility coverage. While the option to pay with card in Sweden is more or less taken for granted, this is not true for many other countries, several of which iZettle are currently expanding in. We wanted to provide the means to solve this problem through embracing iZettle’s own vision; to democratize and simplify payments around the world.

We achieve this through launching an iZettle-powered single function tool, where it’s incredibly simple for anyone to ‘Nominate‘ businesses not currently taking cards, but who ought to. Anytime someone comes in contact with a business which does not accept cards (often a cause of irritation), they can in extremely simple steps use the Just Let Me Pay tool to publicly note this. The data gathered will be visualised on a map, show where cards are accepted and not, and be continuously updated as changes are made.

iZettle can then turn this customer input into customer leverage, and contact the businesses with the full weight of the fact that their own customers want them to make the upgrade. It provides a natural setting for iZettle to propose their own product as a solution for what the customers themselves have stated is a problem.

Businesses will be highlighted with red as they are nominated for not taking cards, yellow after iZettle has been in contact with them, and green if iZettle has been in contact with them, and they now take card.