22 year old Multidisciplinary Creative, Digital Communicator, and Photographer, with an inquisitive mind and a passion for words. Currently Stockholm based, Berghs SoC Interactive Communication grad and Blogger at Radar Magazine.

Create something with a sustainable business model using at least two different APIs

Strategic background
The economic climate in Europe has taken a shocking turn in recent years. Unemployment in Spain is record high, hitting 55% amongst young people with the country’s total landing at 26%. In 2011, unemployment in Cyprus was 7%, today it’s 14%. 27% of Greeks are unemployed, a number which has trippled since 2009. Overall, unemployment in Europe is parallelling countries such as Nigeria, Chad and Republic of the Congo, countries whose history includes years of war, violence, starvation and dictatorship. Alongside this continues the enviromental crisis, one we contribute to every time we set foot on an airplane to travel across the world. Due to the quivering economy however, we demand cheaper tickets. This minimizes the industry’s margins, driving companies into bankruptcy and furthering unemployment. The way we reason isn’t sustainable, and something needs to change.

On a more positive note, alongside unemployment, progress within technology is also on the rise. Technology used creatively can enable people all over the world to make the most of tomorrow’s supply and demand, without being hindered by geographical borders or physical impossibilities.

A service with the name of Envisage (to contemplate; envision, to visualize future possibilities, or bravely embrace).

Using technology, we want to connect those who need work with those seeking experiences or new adventures, our service giving people the possibility of travelling virtually. In using Envisage, consumers can hire a guide to do on their behalf what they themself are physically unable to. Using Web RTC to connect, Envisage helps people who need jobs by matching them with people who want to travel, giving them a real-time experience without having to leave their homes or further strain the environment. Technology now permits us to interactively experience foreign places without being restricted by time, money, or distance.

The service can be used to turn the snow outside your window into sand and ocean, or to spend an afternoon by the Eiffel Tower. To enrich a lecture in Roman history by having a guide take the class through the Colosseum in Rome, with the possibility to interact with environment and guide in real-time. To view an apartment you are thinking of renting or buying, but are unable to go see yourself beforehand, or to create an incomparable backdrop for your theme party.

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