22 year old Multidisciplinary Creative, Digital Communicator, and Photographer, with an inquisitive mind and a passion for words. Currently Stockholm based, Berghs SoC Interactive Communication grad and Blogger at Radar Magazine.


During a course at Berghs School of Communication called Preparing For Work, briefs were handed out to in various ways promote the class towards the industry. The brief which would become 25K was simple; market the class through coming up with something to sell using Tictail. What did we end up selling? Us, or, our own creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

25k - 25 students, 25 days, 25,000 ideas. 10 products of 2,500 ideas were available in stock, in the form of post-it notes. Companies had one week to apply and we had 25 days to generate the total of 25,000 ideas. The entire process was streamed live using Bambuser, and at the end of the 25 days we held an incomparable exhibition at Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm. Over 500 visitors showed up to view the 144 sq meters of ideas, all on brightly colored post-it notes. After this, the companies all received their post-its, and were asked to send 1 back, which we would then develop into a full concept and pitch to them.

My role during the project was assisting with PR and Copywriting during concept development, Ideation during the 25 days, and Copywriting for and organizing the exhibition.

The Clients
ISS/.SE (The Swedish Internet Infrastructure Foundation)iZettleFotografiska,
JägermeisterMemotoTictailZodiak Media, Scouts of Sweden, SNASK, Nyköping
Sponsored by
Post-It (3M)BambuserRed Bull

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