22 year old Multidisciplinary Creative, Digital Communicator, and Photographer, with an inquisitive mind and a passion for words. Currently Stockholm based, Berghs SoC Interactive Communication grad and Blogger at Radar Magazine.

Hello! I’m Karin, a 22-year-old Multidisciplinary Creative, Digital Communicator, and Photographer. I just graduated (with scholarship) from the Interactive Communication Diploma Program at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, and I blog for Radar Magazine (in Swedish). I love literature, airports, photography, the Internet, writing, and using technology to push boundaries. I believe in creating things that create value, be it big brand business or personal art projects.


My previous experiences include studying the nerdy science programme in secondary school (all chemistry, biology, mathematics & code) and working as a freelance photographer on the side. I graduated a year early, and moved to London as an au pair. I then started working extra at Scandinavian Airlines in the Customer Relations department during the spring, and at 19 I was hired by their Marketing Department full-time to be the Junior Business Analyst for their UK, Ireland & Iceland region. After a total of 2 years in London I returned to Sweden and Stockholm for a 1 year course in Advertising & PR at Stockholm University, followed by this most recent (intense, epic and incomparable) year at Berghs

Contact me at karin.wahlberg@student.berghs.se,

or hang with me on TwitterInstagramPinterestLinkedin or as mentioned earlier, my blog.

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